For each of the six terms within the school year we present a new and interactive Christian assembly. Children will be hearing Bible stories and take part in songs, drama and quizzes, all presented with a strong moral emphasis, from a Christian viewpoint.


Kingsquads are official school clubs which are encouraged and resourced by the Family Trust. They are run in a variety of formats by local Christian parents, teachers and Church leaders, who organise a varied programme which includes games, craft, DVDs and Bible stories. Notes and resources are provided by the Trust. These clubs give every child the opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith in a fun way. If you would like to access our resource database please visit our resources page.


Various lessons are offered to schools including Christmas, Easter and Bible lessons with a creative, engaging lesson plan. These are informative and slightly more formal with a question and answer time. Upon request, a lesson can be geared to specific requirements of the school.

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Trustees: AJ Hillier, AJ Croft, AM Hallam, AJ Haines, J Johnson